About XPOS Consortium

XPOS Consortium envisions to develop and empower a new economic model driven by cryptocurrencies, blockchain, loyalty programs and a crypto-payment gateway. The ecosystem will be powered by Tech Bureau’s Catapult, based on NEM Protocol. A backend crypto settlement system will facilitate cross settlements among consortium partners.


XPOS Consortium will make cryptocurrency transactions easier for everyone, including retailers and merchants, online and offline.


XPOS Consortium will transform the traditional economy with a solution that unites loyalty points, alternative payment gateways, payment devices as means, crypto payment service providers, crypto remittance agents, licensed money services companies into one.

Loyalty Points

A blockchain-based universal loyalty rewards points which can be used and traded anytime and everywhere.

Payment Gateways

Allow businesses and individuals to have a smooth transaction by integrating mobile digital payment system.

Payment Devices

Digitalizing any physical stores. Buy and accept cryptocurrency using fiat, bank card or mobile wallet.

Crypto Payment Service Providers

A system where cryptocurrencies are widely acceptable. Buy, sell and accept cryptocurrency the way you want it.

Crypto Remittance Agents

Where anyone can send and receive payments in the form of cryptocurrencies at any moment wherever.

Licensed Money Services Companies

A licensed money service with the same capability as the traditional ones but with minimal requirements.


Tech Bureau Corp.

Incorporated in Japan, Tech Bureau is the developer of the just newly launched, Catapult, a private blockchain solution based on the NEM protocol. Tech Bureau runs Zaif, one of the biggest crypto exchange in Japan and is a strong proponent of the NEM blockchain technology in Japan.

Pundi X

Pundi X is a cryptocurrency payment enabler solution provider incorporated in Indonesia. It has developed a range of payment methods including using a mobile app, a POS, and NFC technology on the card. The mission is to bring cryptocurrency transaction available to the masses.


LoyalCoin is the NEM-powered virtual currency for the next-generation, omnichannel customer loyalty economy. It is created by Appsolutely, a company that offers patented digital customer loyalty solutions to multinational and market-leading brands since 2013. LoyalCoin transforms disparate, traditional rewards systems into a universal dynamic, engaging solution where customer and brands can use loyalty points as tradable assets.

Dragonfly Fintech Pte. Ltd.

Dragonfly Fintech is a Singapore incorporated company that uses the NEM blockchain technology to power financial solutions, which includes payment settlement, mobile payment, and other related financial solutions.

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